Our Team, although we all work as independent practitioners

Meet the team. We each work in a selected area, although if someone looks most suitable to you, you are welcome to make contact.  Email for more information.  The Doula will work directly with you.  This site is merely a meeting place.


You meet with the Doula of your choice, discuss your needs or we suggest possibilites that will support you, your family and the team you are working with to ease the path through this time.  You pay them directly and negotiate the services you require.  Please feel free to email at any time for extra information.  Some Doulas work with one or two others to cover times, skills and expertise that may assist you. Each has completed suitable training with LifeOptions or an allied training course.  Their commitment is not to judge your choices, but to understand your wishes and facilitate your needs.  We come with open hearts and minds to all possibilities and will navigate the system and identify the requirements which best suit you.  We can help with developing end-of-life wishes and funeral planning. 

Denise Love

Death Consultant/Mentor, Birth & Death Doula, Nurse, Life Counsellor, Grief Counsellor, Death Doula Educator, Director of LifeOptions

I am passionate about the way we live, are born and die.  Death is not the enemy, but failure to live fully, with joy and contentment is.  I love to guide and "hold the space" for you and your family as you step through challenging times. 

I can offer suggestions and somtimes solutions when working with your team; i.e. doctors and palliative care team, and be supportive with difficult family members.  I can work with you at home, in hospices, nursing homes or hospital. 

I am informed about green funeral choices, and have good working relationships with funeral directors in Melbourne, Woodend and Daylesford.  I understand the legalities of the choices you make and I am happy to facilitate home dealth and funerals.  I would be delighted to meet you and talk about the choices you can make. 


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