Death Doula Training

Whilst anybody can be a Death Doula, workshopping, sharing skills and developing your own thoughts and beliefs about death is an important part of being of service.  When women sit in cirlces and talk, mountains move.  When we add caring and compassionate men, the balance is created. 
Being of service in the community and to those who have a terminal illness, their familes and friends, opens our mind, heart and soul to the work of life.  Bringing with us a lifelong learning and sitting with those who are transitioning through life is an amazing gift and a tool to enhance our own lives as well. 

There is a rapidly growing interest in this work, and more people are better understanding the benefits of facing their death with decisions in place as to where and how they would like to die.  We do have choices, we just need to find our voice.  Death Doulas support people in finding their voice and offer suggestions regarding how being sick and leaving the world can be.  We talk openly about choices and funeral options.  We work with difficult family members alongside easy, smooth-running familes.  When nobody wants to be too close to someone who is not pleasant or kind to be around, we can take that role with an open heart and mind. 

For more information about Death Doula Training, follow the link above, and in the near future, when the website is complete, there will be more information.

There are 3 levels of training:


Advanced 1 - Practical skills

Advanced 2 - When a baby dies.