Opportunites to make life easier

These are suggestions that will make your navigation through this time a little easier.  Each Doula comes with her unique set of skills and tools, but we all have the capacity to be most things we need to support you emotionally, spiritually and a little physically.  If you need lots of physical care, some are able to do that while others will help find a Personal Care Assistant or Registered Nurse or Palliative care team for you.  Each Doula as her own fee structure and skill base.  You negotiate directly with her your needs and establish what is best suited to your unique situation.  Daily payment is perfect both you and the Doula.  As you are aware, the dying process is a dynamic situation with changes often daily.  PayPal, direct debit, and some Doulas have card facilities.  We are always at the end of the email or phone to facilitate your needs.


Service 1    Support Visits

Visit daily for a chat with the family  2 hours min

Chat with Family

Sit with sick person

Discuss Challenges

End-of-life planning

Funeral suggestions and planning

General support and caring

Service 2    Family Relief

Do 4 hour sits so the family can function. Best times for the family might be 10-2,  5-9 

Service 3    Maintaining Rest

Overnight…. sleeping in the room

Service 4    On Call

Minimum of 3 hours; 1-day notice

Service 5   Fulltime

Live-in weekly wage                                          

A combination of any or all of the above is possible.
We aim to be flexible and responsive as the need arises
Doulas will be availalbe to you by phone. 
Sometimes a call can settle challenging situations really quickly
We come with an open mind, heart and hands
It is our honour to be of service to you!