Christine Downes

Death Doula,

043 043 4862


Sunshine Coast

Queensland, Australia

I am a graduate of Denise Love’s “Life Options” for Death Doulas. I have a particular passion for ensuring death is as dignified as the life you’ve lived. I have witnessed too many deaths where death was painful, undignified and did not represent the person, their wishes or the life they had lived. I’d like to provide options, ideas and clarity about how you choose to die, where you choose to die and the legacy you leave behind for your loved ones.

Services I provide are as follows but not limited to (talk to me – we can work on what you need together):


Providing an open heart and open mind

Advice on Advanced Care Directives, Wills and Statement of Wishes and how we can get this underway if it has not already been organised

Holding space for you to ensure we achieve a death that is as honourable as possible


Support as required 

Mediation with family members and your medical team

Providing support should you wish to die at home rather than in hospital

Providing respite for your family and carers

Assistance with funeral planning (should you wish to have a funeral – you have cost effective options and alternatives!)

Providing vigil

Decluttering (your space, your soul and your mind)

Body washing and dressing after death and prior to funeral

Assistance with family members and loved ones in their time of grief to ensure your departure is with honour, with compassion and with love

Abigail Swan.jpg
Abigail Swan

Death Doula

0413 536 500


Gold Coast

Queensland, Australia

End of Life Consultant, Support Network Navigator, Qualified Medical Intuitive Practitioner – including: Crystal Gridding, Crystal bowls, flute, relaxation massage and intuitive energy work.


My services include:

One on one consults for people with sudden/newly diagnosed illnesses or terminal diagnosis or anyone facing their own mortality.

Family and friends education workshops and one on one/ group support with a passion for people with aging parents.

Community Visits (Home, Hospital, Aged Care Facilities).

Arranging home clean ups, sorting possessions for End of life or moving into a care facility.

Death Café meet ups for people interested in becoming more prepared for end of life and also living life to the fullest. I will help you release fears around what ‘might’ happen and help you shift focus to ‘what can we do right now to live fully’.

Private intimate ceremonies outside of the funeral setting for a personal goodbye to a loved one who has past away tailored to personal requirements and honouring beliefs.


I spent the majority of my life in fear around my fathers’ death which turned out to be lesson in letting go and trusting life. My dad lived to the age of 91 with a full life and graceful passing. This sparked my passion in assisting others to not be afraid of the inevitable, rather, to lean into what is really happening and facing it head on. Life is to be lived until that final breath, so for you, this means finding support, guidance and a personal confidant to share what and how you do life up to the end. I am a master at making things happen, in all forms of coordination, liaising with correct contacts, sourcing quotes and information for external services. You name it, I will do my best to assist you. My biggest asset is my compassionate heart and a willingness to serve.  You don’t have to do it alone, lets pull together and find everyone the support they require at all stages of life. 

Mina Hunt

End of Life Consultant

0488 737 476


Gold Coast

Queensland, Australia

Let's help you prepare for a dignified and peaceful death. Advanced Health Care Directives, Drop in Support,  Funeral Arranging and Celebrant,  Burial advice.

It's really important that you are able to express your wishes as you approach your last days.  Too many people leave this until it's too late and able to express what's important to you. Take some time now to sit with me and talk about your Advanced Health Care Directive.  I can help you express your wishes regarding your health and what kind of intervention you would prefer if and when it is needed. We can talk about home visits, funeral arrangements and how you would like to be buried.  Many people feel much calmer and at ease once they have done this.

I can also offer End of Life, or 'Doula' Services, connecting with your family, making sure you are comfortable when the time comes so that you have a death that honours your wishes and your life.