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Michelle Teunon

These days my explorations are a little closer to home! I have been practicing holistic therapies for nearly 10 years, with a focus on understanding how subconscious beliefs and behaviours impact stress levels. I enjoy using tools like meditation, qi gong and sound to help balance the body, mind and soul. I’m also very passionate about using the wisdom of ancient approaches such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and indigenous cultures as a way to manage stress and tension. To me they offer intelligent guidance about our own life cycle and how to ensure we maintain a positive outlook during our life’s journey.

I also have over 5 years experience in the funeral industry, working for Melbourne’s longest running independently owned funeral service. In addition to teaching me how differently we all process our grief, it has reminded me to live my life as fully as I possibly can to make the most of it while I’m here.

As death is the only sure thing about life – it is my hope that one day we will be much better equipped to accept and cope with the changes and feelings that occur during such a transition. In the meantime I am committed to offering my support to help people experience as much growth, love and gratitude as possible while encountering the dying process with their loved ones.


‘In the end it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years’- Abraham Lincoln        

Annie Whitlock

Annie Whitlocke is a Spiritual/Pastoral Carer at Monash Medical and Moorabbin Peter Mac. She teaches mindfulness meditation to patients, staff and family. She is on call for Buddhist support at end of life at several hospitals.

Annie is also associated with the Advanced Care Department at Monash Medical, which she hopes that more and more people will use, so as to connect with their values and ease their own and family’s potential for challenges.

"What I love about it is that I never know who I am about to meet and how their story will decide what unfolds"

"I am so grateful for those people I have had the pleasure to meet, by connecting at a deeper level with their own creativity and resourcefulness".

Annie has attended Denise Love’s Death Doula and Advanced Death Doula training, also Zenith Virago’s Death Walker and Advanced Death Walker training. She is a trained Funeral Celebrant, Spiritual Care Supervisor CPE, Spiritual Care trainer and Buddhist practitioner of over 40 years.

Having had many opportunities to be with the dying and their families Annie continues to grow in the wisdom that she will never know it all and embraces being a lifetime seeker of knowledge in this area.

Annie will be with family, the person at end of life and encourage the village mindedness to come together to be a calm environment at the time of death.

Georgia Mirabile

Western Suburbs, Victoria


Phone: 0404 242 780


Information: Advanced directives, companionship, information on funeral options and planning assistance


Mon Lucas

 End of life Doula.

I am a qualified and practicing counsellor and Reiki practitioner

As an end of life doula, I am honoured to act as an advocate and support person for those at the end stage of their life journey, facilitating communication between the dying person, their support network, and the medical team proving their medical care. Additionally, i can offer grief counselling for loved ones.


If you require spiritual support, I can draw from many traditions, offer guided meditations to assist my client and their loved ones find calm, personalised rites of passage, and sit with the family to reclaim the healing practice of a home vigil, or wake.


My desire is to provide for the person at the end of their life the most respectful, empowered transition, and an environment where their wishes for care, passing and rest are followed through.