Who We Are and What We Do



It doesn't matter if you are healthy and well and would just like to do some investigations into end-of-life choices, or you have been told you have a possible life threatening illness.  

We feel comfortable chatting with you about all the possibilities.  Many people we serve just want to chat about whether or not to even have treatment.  They just want emotional and spiritual support during their care.

Others are choosing to die at home, and want to see how to navigate that with optimal care in the community they live in.   We can support you in co-ordinating any of your choices, connecting you with services, and suggesting alternatives to enhance your experience.  

We truly believe in living well until we all die.  



Death Doulas walk you through the choices, opportunities and preferences. We can point you to resources or practitioners that enhance your experiences, and open doors to those things you haven't yet thought of 

or know you want.  

We come to you with no expectation we don't require any particular outcome.  We have "Green Thoughts" in mind around the end of life and support our wonderful earth to keep flourishing.

We co-ordinate services, sit with you if you choose, talk realities and truths, or just give the information and support your family may need to care for you.  We can offer suggestions for a variety of funeral experiences, choices of shroud, cardboard, wicker, wool or wood coffin.  Death Doulas can help you reduce costs if required. You can die at home or in a hospice, hospital or nursing home.  Home vigils, for people who wish to remain in their home, is also an option after you have died. 

Death Doulas can guide you with information that will open your thoughts and ideas to a new way of looking at life and death, help plan your Advance Care Directive (thoughts and wishes for the last few weeks of life),

provide Green Funeral Guidance and overall help you take responsibility for the way you live and die.

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Most people feel uncomfortable thinking or talking about death

What is a Death Doula?

We offer insight to individuals, families and communities into making informed and affirming choices about the process of LIVING, dying, ritual and grief.


We  achieve this by empathising, educating, encouraging, embodying and evolving our attitudes and practices so we can embrace death as an inevitable and natural part of life.

Choice of Coffin

There is no connection between the amount of love one has for someone and how much they spend on a coffin.  This thinking is perpetuated by many funeral homes.  It is not true.   Funerals are for the living!   Funerals honour the relationship, not with money but thoughts.  There is no need to have a funeral.  A person can be picked up from home or hospital and cremated or buried. It doesn't mean no one cared.  The time to be caring and loving is when someone is still alive.

Shroud vs. coffin

Boxes are easier for handling and impart a sense of completion.  They have become very expensive.  You can wrap a body in a sheet and as long as body fluids don't leak, a person can be taken to a cementry.  A shroud needs to have a piece of timber in the base so the body can be handled with ease.  In Australia most cemetaries request the body in in a coffin from the gate to the grave side or cremation area.  you can lease a coffin for this purpose.

Denise Love

As I age, and experience more in life I am determined to start the converstaion about the limited time we have to experience, contribute and just feel life as it is.  We have endless time to make choices, but we avoid decisions so often that actually enhance out lives. 

I have been training Death Doulas for many years and there is now a groundswell of inquiries as people choose authorship of their own lives.  When did we give up our control?  When did we stop making decision that work for us?

The readily accepted practices and rituals that are currently practised in many countries are not necessarily the way it has to be.

Making choice

If you are uncertain how to see the things in front of you that are choices, or you are too scared to see them, come to a workshop or book a SKYPE session.

Get your end-of-life papers in orders and face the reality that death is inevitable, and we can embrace the concept, plan it, live fully intill we die, and be dead happy.  I don't know if there is anything beyond our last breath, but I do know there is a heck of a lot here on earth:  

Death Cafés

Death Dinners

Death Doula Training

Living life until we die courses

End of life planning and funeral planning - 1 day workshop

Green Funerals


Most people assume there are rules and regulations about funerals. 


Well there aren't.  Funeral Directors support you in the process past last breath to the grave or to ashes.  They have traditionally done what was expected, but are now thinking outside the box as people request change. 

Avoiding damage to  the earth

Talking Death

Your choice of materials matters.  Burning or burying man-made materials is not ideal.  The type of timber, paints used, plastic handles or fabrics used to dress or wrap a body are best to be natural fibres.

Many bodies are automatically embalmed unless you say not to.  If you want a viewing, people assume embalming is needed or required. This is not the case.



We run Training Courses for people people wishing to be of service to others.

Death Doula Training

Death Talk Meetings

Living until you Die Dinners

Advance Directive (Living Will Workshops)

Funeral Planning - Simple Green Style.