What is CareBnD

You may have heard of Airbnb, well this is a variation with a purpose.

Care, Bed and Dying

This is a community house which is supervised by Death Doulas and volunteers who are there to make your life more comfortable as you consider * options of treatment * rest after treatment * respite after hospital * home in a safe and comfortable space or come to live with us as you complete your life cycle on earth.  

Barb Ferguson and Denise Love 

with their devoted team welcome you to living until you die. 

This is a volunteer service of 

quality care

Let's make the most of life together

Surrender Retreat 

              Hepburn Springs,  Victoria, Australia

A three bedroom comfy 1980's cottage set on an acre and half of bush land surrounded by trees, kangaroos, wombat and stunning birds.  We have a cat and a dog that visit most days, and more amazing End-of-Life Consultanst/Death Doulas than you thought were possible.  

We work in collaboration with local Doctors and Palliative Care Team.  

Most people will bring a carer with them and family and friends are welcome to hang out in the house.  There are endless options nearby for accommodation for the rest of the family if needed.  

The lounge is comfy.....a new type of couch surfing!

We will also have volunteers to serve your needs, wants, dreams and whims.  

Fresh food is grown in our garden and local gardens and 3 simple meals a day will be provided for you and your special person accompanying you. 

The use of the kitchen is available for you to cook up a storm and volunteers love to cook with you.

This is a community based home, which is my home, (I will be in the caravan when I am around, and loving it) and is now your home.  It has been my dream for many years to offer a non-medical space for people to live in when they begin the final journey.  

Dying at home is wonderful, but somehow being nurtured and surrounded by nature and others who are in a similar position to you makes the transition for you and your family much easier.

We are comfortable talking with you and your family about better understanding your personal situation, death andplanning your funeral.

We use all sorts of techniques to make discomforts more doable, ease pain and fear and just generally hear you.  

Contribution is 2/3rds of your Pension per week  

or  $25 - $165 a night

Suggested Packages

Decision time

Do you want a traditional path of treatment?

Would you consider no treatment?

Would you like a serene environment and a Doula supported space to chat?

We can sit with you, laugh with you, cry and get angry, and then work toward a time and space where you take control of your life.

We are not therapists, nurses or doctors, but we can walk beside you as you explore your options.  

Death is not the enemy.  We consider dying as part of life.  

We truly believe if people took this time to revise their lives, step into their power and take ownership of the decisions they make, then living would be amazing until one dies.


Respite- away or with family or friend

Need time away from everybody's thoughts and feelings.  It can be exhausting managing them all.

Maybe you are at home or in hospital, this can be the holiday you wished you had!

A completely non-medical environment where Palliative care can visit if you choose, or you can opt for massage, meditation, Hypnosis, healthy food and thoughts etc. 

When a Doula who is death literate, and so so comfortable with those conversations nobody wants to have, listens and responds, then decision making, surrender and acceptance of whatever your situation or path you choose can be more possible.  

We can fill in your Advanced Care Planning or End-of-life Choices if you haven't already done it.  We can openly discuss all the options.

Green Funerals are our thing!

We are comfortable accepting your choices and decisions.

You might be driving your friends and family crazy, and they need a rest.

Complete Surrender- time to die


Come and do it with us

We will help to plan your end-of-life if you haven't already done it

We support you in withdrawal from food and water if that is your choice

We use many alternative to medicine modalities to devise comfort with and for you.

We believe in you.  

We create a living environment